Special designs are available upon request to meet your specific needs and tastes. 

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Sonny's Special Lectern

C-710 Colonial Lectern

22" x 20" x 46" High

C-709 Colonial Pulpit

C-709 Colonial Pulpit

 36" x 24" x 45" High

Octagonal Pulpit

C-708 Octagonal Pulpit

48" x 31" x 46" High

Large Colonial Pulpit 706

C-706 Colonial Pulpit

54" x 21 1/2" x 45" High

Large Colonial Pulpit, Stained

C-706-Oak Colonial Pulpit

54" x 21 1/2" x 45" High

Colonial Pulpit

C-700 Colonial Pulpit

54" x 24" x 48"


Colonial Communion Table, Open

C-705 Communion Table, Open

63" x 24" x 32" High

Colonial Communion Table, Enclosed

C-707 Communion Table, Enclosed

63" x 24" x 32" High

Colonial Baptismal Font, Stained

Baptismal Font, Stained


Colonial Style Chair

Colonial Style Side Chair

C-702 Side Chair

C-702 Side Chair

C-72 Colonial Font

C-72 Colonial Font