Colonial Pew Ends

Colonial pew ends are only available in 2 1/4″ thickness 3 ply maple wood. Each Colonial painted pew end receives a 5-step finishing process to provide years of beauty and durability.

Knowledge and philosophies are passed down from generation to generation as the means to keep traditions and skill alive. No better example of that exists than at our family’s company. Yes, there are ways to build pews other than using the finest materials and hand-crafted techniques; however, in a world where differences among products are not always easy to identify, we believe that one difference should stand out – quality.

View some sample colonial pew ends below.
C-2 Pew End
C-4 Pew End
C-4RP Pew End
C-5 Pew End
C-6 Pew End
C-6RP Pew End
C-8DRP Pew End
C-10 Pew End
C-10RP Pew End
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