About Our Pews

Pews, Solid Oak, Cherry, Maple: Custom Made For Your Church

Design & Specification Assistance, Sample Presentations and Coordination are some of the benefits you will receive.

Every order we accept is on a custom-woodworking basis. From the rough lumber to the finished product, the pews we create for you will meet your specific needs.

Whether you require the traditional elegance of a rich, dark stain or the rounded, flowing edges of a more contemporary design, the furnishings we create will reflect the feelings and philosophies that are unique to your membership.

All of our pews are made from solid Red Oak that has been inspected and approved by Mr. Rugel. However, Maple, Cherry or Mahogany lumber is available. Lumber must be kiln dried, not to exceed a 7% moisture content.

While some manufacturers feel differently, we use no particleboard in our pews for any purpose. Everything is either solid wood or, in the case of one or two models, 3/4″ thick 7 ply exterior Fir plywood as the core material under upholstery. (Solid Oak is available in these models upon request).

Our pew ends are either two or three ply thick of edge glued lumber. The supports are two ply 1-1/2″ thickness. A pew support is placed at least every six feet for the full length of the pew to insure greater longevity and durability.

The seats of our fully upholstered pews use 3/4″ thick West Coast Quality Fir 7 ply plywood for strength. We add a 1″ x 2″ solid Oak frame surrounding the pew seat which allows all screws to be anchored into solid wood. Fashioning the seat in this manner allows the pew seat to be easily removed for re-upholstery, while the rest of the pew remains intact, secured to the floor.
As with all of our pews and accessories, only Rugel employees will be involved with the completion and installation of our furniture. No outside or temporary labor will participate in the process because we rarely find others who share our philosophies and work ethics.
Rugel is known worldwide for its sturdy construction and beautiful finished church furniture.

The combination of precision machining and handfitted assembly produce the tightest, most well made pews in the country. There is a special sense of security and ease that one has when they sit in one of our pews.

They can feel what Mr. Rugel knew in 1929… everyone has a place and a fondness for quality.

Pews made from solid Appalachian Red Oak
Pews made from solid Appalachian Red Oak
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